Campionatul European de Culturism in Moldova 10-13 Mai 2013 [ENG]

The Organizing Committee of the Moldavian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation extend a warm welcome to all EBFF National Federations to participate in the IFBB European Bodybuilding Championship in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.



Chisinau is the capital of Republic of Moldova. It is the largest city of the country and its political, administrative, economical and cultural centre. , museums, parks).


Venue Site

National Palace “Nicolae Sulac”


Official Hotel
Our hotel is situated in the heart of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. It is perfectly located for access to business centers, cultural institutions and much more. Chisinau airport is only 20 minutes and the railway station is less than 5 minutes away from the hotel.
The hotel offers a choice of 150 rooms: single, double and twin rooms, as well as two-room and three-room apartments. The rooms provide bath or shower, air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, fridge, radio, free Wi-Fi in rooms.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only the Organizing Committee is authorized to arrange hotel reservations, including accommodations before the official arrival date, after the official departure date and during the Championships, for all participants (athletes and delegates), extra delegates, supporters, media and others.


The Organizer will provide free-of-charge accommodations and three meals per day, starting with lunch on Friday, May 10 and ending with breakfast on Monday, May 13, 2013 for all Official Participants * pursuant to IFBB rules:


Three (3) or more competitors = two (2) delegates
Two (2) competitors or less = one (1) delegate


*The term “Official participant” means:
1) an Athlete who is duly authorized by his or her National Federation and who is registered by the IFBB to compete in the Championships, and
2) a Delegate who is duly authorized by his or her National Federation and who is registered by the IFBB to participate in the Championships pursuant to IFBB rules.


“National Federations with no athlete may send one (1) official delegate; however, this delegate will be responsible for all of his or her own expenses.


The Official Arrival Date is Friday, May 10th 2013
The Official Departure Date is Monday, May 13th 2013


Important notice! All National Team Official Participants (athletes, delegates) must check in BEFORE the start of the Weigh-in and Registration. Any Official Participant not checked in by this deadline, without notifying the Organizing Committee, will be classified as an extra delegate and will be responsible for all his or her expenses. Any judge, coach, or trainer who is not an Official Participant will be responsible for all his or her own expenses. If your National Federation wishes to bring a judge, coach or trainer, it is recommended that your Federation nominate this individual to be an Official Participant for your Federation; otherwise, these individuals will be responsible for all their own expenses. The same rule applies for family members. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.


Hotel Security Deposit


A hotel security deposit of Euro €100.00 PER PERSON is required upon check-in for incidental and personal expenses that may arise (telephone, mini-bar, room service, laundry – i.e. soiled sheets or towels with tan, etc.). The unused portion of this deposit will be refunded at check-out in the same currency as remitted. In order to facilitate matters, the chief delegate or team leader will be asked to provide a credit card or cash to cover the deposit for the entire team. This individual will be fully responsible for all expenses incurred by any members of his or her team.




Competition Tan


The IFBB has banned all tans that can be wiped off. An official will check the tan of all athletes backstage and if the tan comes off by simply wiping, the athlete will be told to remove the tan.


Special Package For Additional Delegates, Supporters, Press And Photographers


The Organizing Committee has established a Full Special Package Rate including: 3 nights with all meals included (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tickets for semifinals and finals, closing banquet and onsite transport at Euro 300 for each person in a double room or Euro 350 for a single room. For
more information please ask the Organizing Committee. There is a special package of Euro 120 for competition tickets and transportation airport-hotel/hotel-airport and hotel-venue site for semifinals and finals, plus banquet. This special package does not include accommodation and other meals except the closing banquet.




The official airport for arrivals is the Chisinau International Airport. The Organizing Committee will pick you up at the airport on arrival and transport you to the Official Hotel (ca 20 km from the airport). It is very important that every National Federation provide to the Organizing Committee complete arrival details of its team, including the number of people in its delegation. The transportation from the airport to the hotel will be arranged for all teams. The Moldova Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness will pick you up at the Chisinau International Airport. The organizer shall arrange the transportation between airport and hotel on Friday 10thMay 2013 for €10.00 per person and the transportation between hotel and airport on Monday 13th May for €10.00 per
person, based on the stated times of arrivals and departures.


Early Arrivals/Late Departures


Any National Federation, including any of its individual team members, arriving before the Official Arrival Date (Friday, May 10, 2013) and / or staying on after the Official Departure Date (Monday, May 13, 2013) will be responsible for all of their own expenses, including arranging their own transportation between the airport and the hotel. Accommodations before the Official Arrival Date and after the Official Departure Date will be approximately Euro 50 per day for a twin-bedded room with breakfast and dinner. You must notify the Organizing Committee of any early arrivals or late departures no later than April 28, 2013.




A valid passport is required to enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova. EU-country citizens do not require a visa. All other persons should consult the Moldova Embassy in their country to determine if they require a visa. An Official Letter of Invitation will be made available if required.




The Organizing Committee will maintain a Secretariat at the Official Hotel, from 11:00 May 10, to 11:00 May 13. You may obtain information and assistance from the Secretariat.


IFBB Registration Fee


Each official „A? team athlete and each official delegate, including delegates without competitors must pay the IFBB Registration Fee of Euro 150. This fee is payable to the IFBB upon arrival at the official hotel. “B” team competitors are not required to pay the IFBB Registration Fee since this is included in the Full Special Package Rate. The Registration Fee is completely separate from the hotel security deposit.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The hotel security deposit and IFBB Registration Fee must be paid BEFORE team members are provided accommodations. If any of your athletes or delegates arrives without their Team Manager or Chief Delegate, that athlete or delegate must pay the hotel security deposit and IFBB Registration Fee BEFORE a room can be assigned.


Categories open for competition


Category Discipline Body Weight/Height A-Team B-Team
Women Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 55kg 2 2
Women Bodybuilding Over 55 kg
Men Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 70 kg 8 8
Men Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 75 kg
Men Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 80 kg
Men Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 85 kg
Men Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 90 kg
Men Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 95 kg
Men Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 100 kg
Men Bodybuilding Over 100 kg
Men Classic Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 168 cm – 100+0 kg 5 5
Men Classic Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 171 cm – 100+2 kg
Men Classic Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 175 cm – 100+4 kg
Men Classic Bodybuilding Up to & incl. 180 cm – 100+6 kg
Men Classic Bodybuilding Over 180 cm (see notes bellow*)
Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding Open category 1 1

*Explanatory note for the Men Classic Bodybuilding “Over 180 cm” category:
This category has 4 ( four) separate weight/height divisions:
For competitors with a body height of over 180 cm up to and including 190 cm. the following formula will be used:
Maximum weight ( in kg ) = height ( in cm ) – 100 ( maximum + 8 kg allowance )
e.g. a competitor who is 190 cm in height may weigh a maximum of 98 kg

For competitors with a body height over 190 cm and up to and including 198 cm, the following formula will be used:
Maximum weight ( in kg) = height ( in cm ) – 100 (maximum + 9 kg allowance )
e.g. a competitor who is 191 cm in height may weigh a maximum of 100 kg

For competitors with a body height over 198 cm, the following formula will be used:
Maximum weight ( in kg) = height ( in cm ) – 100 ( maximum + 10 kg allowance )
e.g. a competitor who is 199 cm in height may weigh a maximum of 109 kg.

All competitors described in points 1-3 above shall compete in the “Over 180 cm” category.


Doping Control

Doping control will be conducted by the IFBB Medical Commission pursuant to the IFBB Anti-Doping Rules, using the WADA accredited laboratory. In order to compete, all competitors at the Weigh-in and Registration will be required to sign a Doping Control Consent & Waiver of Liability Form.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Doping Controls may be conducted using any or all of the following methods:


Random selection: A number of athletes selected at random throughout the event e.g. at Weigh-in or Prejudging.
Weighted selection: A number of athletes selected at random from among the top finalists e.g.
at Finals.
The IFBB reserves the right to Target Test any athlete.
The IFBB is a Signatory to the WADA Code. Participating National Federations have the duty and an obligation to ensure that their athletes are competing drug-free at IFBB international contests.


Passport / Music

All competitors must provide their passport and music at the Weigh-in and Registration, failing which the competitor will not be registered. The music must be on the CD, at the start of the CD. The athlete?s name must be affixed on the CD for identification purposes.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The use of profane, vulgar or offensive language is strictlyprohibited in posing music.


National Anthem

All participating National Federations must bring a short version (less than 60 seconds) of their national anthem on CD. The national anthem must be the only music on the CD.


Parade of Nations

All delegates are reminded that the dress code for the Parade of Nations is the official IFBB uniform. The dress code for all athletes is posing attire. One delegate and one athlete must take part in the Parade of Nations.




In order to assist the IFBB Judges Committee in their selection of judges for this Championship,
please forward your nomination for judges from your National Federation as soon as possible but
no later than April 28th, 2013 to:


IFBB Judges Committee
Pawel Filleborn
Fax: +48 22 642 73 51




The names of those judges submitted in advance will receive priority consideration. All IFBB International Amateur Judges must be in possession of a valid Judging Card, failing which they will not be allowed to judge.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All judges must attend the Judges/Team Manager’s Meeting. If a judge is absent from this meeting, he or she will not judge.


Media Accreditation

All media accreditation, except local media, shall be controlled by the IFBB. All persons wishing to obtain media accreditation must register with the IFBB by completing and signing an IFBB Media Accreditation Form which must be remitted to the IFBB by e-mail to Andrzej Michalak at, no later than April 15, 2013.


Competitor Information Form

This Form must be completed by each competitor BEFORE the weight / height measurement and given to the IFBB Registrar. This information is used to promote the competitor in press, on TV, the website and other media.


Green Cards

Green cards, used to limit access to the Weigh-in area and backstage during the Prejudging and Finals, will be distributed at the Judges / Team Managers Meeting as follows:
5 or more competitors—2 green cards;
less than 5 competitors—1 green card.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If a National Federation does not attend the Judges/Team Managers Meeting, it will not be given a green card.


Backstage Access/Dressing Room Access

Access to the backstage and dressing room areas is strictly limited to essentialpersonnel only. Coaches and trainers who assist athletes in the dressing room area must be of the same sex as the athlete they are assisting.


Camera / Videotape Equipment

Camera and videotape equipment shall be strictly Prohibited in the backstage area except when used by IFBB-authorized media persons. In any event, these devices shall be strictly prohibited in the dressing room area.


Useful Information

Time difference: GMT + 2 hours
Electrical outlets: 220 Volts
Currency: MDL (Moldovan Leu) (Euro 1 = 16,0 MDL)
Language: Romanian, Russian, English is widely spoken in hotels, shopping centers and tourist areas.


Athletes Without Delegates

All athletes competing at IFBB World Championships must be Members in Good Standing of their National Federations. Any athlete who arrives without a delegate must carry an Official Letter of Authorization of Participation from his or her National Federation, failing which the Athlete will not be allowed to participate.


Failure To Honor Final Entry Form Deadline

Deadlines are set to assist the Organizer with arranging accommodations, meals, onsite transportation and other Championship activities. A failure to respect these deadlines is a breach of IFBB Rules. The IFBB reserves the right to deny participation to any National Federation that does not respect the deadlines for submitting the Final Entry Form. If a National Federation fails to respect the deadline written on the Final Entry Form, each Official Participant from that federation will be required to pay all of his or her own expenses, including accommodations, meals, onsite transportation and access to the Prejudging, Finals and Farewell Banquet.



Misrepresentation is a serious breach of the IFBB Code of Ethics and occurs when an “official” of a National Federation deliberately misrepresents the number of athletes and delegates so to obtain free-of-charge accommodations, meals, onsite transportation, access to Prejudging, Finals and Farewell Banquet and other amenities at the expense of the Organizer. Part of this misrepresentation may be a false claim that a person is an Athlete only to have that so-called Athlete fail to officially register as a competitor at the Weigh-in or, once having officially registered, fail to compete. Any National Federation found guilty of misrepresentation will be immediately disqualified from the Championships and will be fined an amount equal to the Full Special Package Rate for each person involved.


Medical Withdrawal

Once officially registered, no Athlete may withdraw from competition without the prior approval of the IFBB Chief Judge. It is not acceptable for a National Federation to unilaterally withdraw an Athlete without the prior approval of the IFBB Chief Judge, who has the right to verify the reason for withdrawal. Any National Federation that fails to seek the prior approval of the IFBB Chief Judge before withdrawing an Athlete shall, for that Athlete?s withdrawal, be fined an amount equal to the Full Special Package Rate.


Failure To Cooperate

Failure to cooperate with the Organizing Committee is contrary to the IFBB Code of Ethics and may result in disciplinary measures being taken by the IFBB against the offending National Federation.


Preliminary Entry Form

The deadline for the Preliminary Entry Form is April 1, 2013. National Federations must return the Preliminary Entry Form to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible but no later than deadline date, confirming your federation?s intent to participate. If at this time you do not know the actual names of the Official Participants, please indicate the total number of individuals from your National Federation who will participate in the Championships.


Download Preliminary Entry Form
Final Entry Form


The deadline for the Final Entry Form is April 21, 2013. National Federations must submit the actual names of all Official Participants (Athletes by discipline and category, Delegates, including judges). You must also include arrival and departure information. In order to guarantee hotel accommodations for your team, the Final Entry Form must be returned not later than the deadline date. Your cooperation is essential to ensuring your accommodations at the hotel and adequate transportation for your team.


Contact Information

Preliminary and Final Entry Forms must be sent to:
Moldavian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness
Aurelian Gorea
FBFM President
Phone:  +37 379 506521 (rus., rom., eng.)
Gicu Sfintes
FBFM Executive Director
Phone: +40 758 017518 (rom., eng.)


Please copy all correspondence to:
International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness
Dr. Rafael Santonja
IFBB President
Tel:  +34 91 535 2819
Fax: +34 91 636 1270


IFBB General Secretary
William Tierney
Phone:  +44 151 9314090
Fax: +44 151 9314090


VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the President or General Secretary of each participating National Federation to ensure that all National Team members (athletes, delegate, extra delegates) are fully aware of the rules and regulations governing participation at these Championships, to include the statements contained within this Inspection Report. If any of the athletes or delegates are traveling and arriving separate from your Team Manager or Chief Delegate, you must ensure they are familiar with the rules and regulations contained within the Inspection Report.




The following schedule of activities is tentative and is therefore subject to change.
Please check regularly for updates:


Thursday, May 9th

Arrival of the EBFF Executive Council Members


Friday, May 10th


11:00 – 17:00 Arrival of delegations at official hotel
18:00 WEIGH-IN
19:00 Judges and Team Managers Meeting
20:00 – 22:00 Dinner


Saturday, May 11th

07:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – 14:00 PREJUDGING, Bodybuilding
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch at the hotel
15:00 PREJUDGING, Classic Bodybuilding
19:00 – 22:00 Dinner


Sunday, May 12th

07:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
09:00 – 12:00 EBFF Congress
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch
15:00 Opening ceremony and FINALS
22:00 – 24:00 Farewell Banquet


Monday, May 13th

07:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
06:00 – 11:00 Official Departure Date
Check out and departure of all participant